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Back, Greg
I just finished making a couple major changes to the GitHub repository for
python-cybox. What was previously the master branch (focused on version 1.0
of the schema and library) is now in the "cybox1.0" branch. The previous
"cybox2.0" branch (including all updates for version 2.0 of the schema) is
now the "master" branch.

You should be able to do the following to make the update and start working
on the 2.0-compatible code.

    git checkout master
    git fetch origin
    git merge origin/master --ff

The output from this command will be rather long (as it covers all changes
between the former and current master branches), but should otherwise be
transparent. If you still need to work on the 1.0 library, you can use:

    git fetch origin
    git checkout -b cybox1.0 origin/cybox1.0

The cybox2.0 branch will be going away soon, and all further 2.0 development
should be done in the master branch.

Feedback is always encouraged and appreciated. If you have any problems,
please let me know and I'll try to help out. I know that git's error message
are often far from helpful (especially in edge cases like this). Also, you
can use pip/easy_install to get frozen versions of the code from the Python
Package Index, or use the tagged versions on GitHub, if you don't want or
need to stay on the bleeding edge of development. 


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